About the Pastor

Rev. Luke Jones is an ordained minister of the Free Methodist Church.  He has served the Free Methodist denomination since 2012 and the Ripon Free Methodist Church since June of 2016.  He and his wife, Jennifer, have been married since 2008 and are blessed with two children.  Their family lives in Ripon where they enjoy being involved in and serving their community.

Greetings from the Pastor

As a pastor, I believe my primary job is to lead and empower a community of Christians to live out everything that God has for them and to invite new people into that community.  I have a very high view of God's calling on every Christian.  I believe that nearly everything important to being a good pastor is also vital for being a good Christian grocer, mail carrier, plumber, or homemaker.  My desire for myself and for other leaders in our church is that we might live a Christian life in a way that others can follow, that we might help them live for God wherever they are, and that by doing do we might find opportunities to invite our neighbors to live for Jesus as well.  May God, who loves you more than we can know, fill your life with purpose and hope!

Pastor Luke Jones